Eric Labas

BKin, CPT, BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist

Eric is a graduate from Vancouver Island University’s Kinesiology Program. He has always understood the importance of physical fitness and the role it plays in improving longevity for activities of daily living, optimizing sport performance, and improving overall health. Eric has designed and delivered a wide range of exercise programs with emphases on goals such as: healthy aging, physical literacy, athletics development training fundamentals, muscle gain, and weight loss. Eric is eager to help clients and athletes reach their goals while minimizing their risk of injury.

Growing up in Nanaimo, Eric participated in a wide range of sports that included soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf and his two favourites: hockey and swimming. Eric had success in both sports, earning himself a provincial championship  in swimming and multiple league titles in recreational hockey where he captained his teams.

In the clinic, Eric provides exercises with appropriate adaptations tailored to the clients’ injuries, age, and ability level that will help them to achieve their treatment goals. He is committed to utilizing his passion for sport and rehabilitation medicine to inspire clients to achieve their goals and maximize their fun while doing it.

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