Anna Leung

BA, BCAK Registered Kinesiologist Epic Lift Capacity Evaluator

Anna has been a Practicing Kinesiologist since graduating with distinction from Vancouver Island University in 2008. Since graduation, she has been working alongside physiotherapists and kinesiologists in active rehabilitation. She is a certified EPIC Lift Capacity Evaluator. The ELC test is designed specifically to evaluate persons with medical impairment and disability.

She provides instruction and training with specific exercises from your physiotherapist tailored to your injuries that will ensure you regain postural control and muscle strength. She excels at motivating and guiding clients through their exercise programs. She is very passionate about helping clients move better and with less pain so they are able to enjoy their everyday and recreational activities.

Anna is a VIU Basketball alumni and she has recently become a coordinator for the Nanaimo Women’s Basketball League. In her spare time, she can be found training her dog Pepper as well as hiking, playing tennis, basketball, and soccer.

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