Heather Leslie

Physiotherapist MPT, CAFCI

Heather recently moved to the island after living in the lower mainland for many years and is looking forward to connecting with the community here. Heather graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2013 with a Masters of Physical Therapy, with a focus on orthopaedics and evidence based practice that continually inspires her practice today. She has worked in a diverse array of clinical settings, building breadth and depth in her knowledge base to include both elements of public and community-based physiotherapy practice approaches.

Heather has been a national level athlete and an entry level coach for Women’s wrestling, and enjoys helping people of all ages return to pain free and functional living. Physiotherapy is Heather’s passion, when she is not treating patients, she is contributing to working groups and volunteering within various societies around the community. What inspires Heather most is seeing her client’s successfully recover to live the lives they want. As a partner in your rehabilitation, she aims to provide clients with the treatment, advice, education, and tools you need to succeed.

Heather is a professed lifelong learner and continues to take on professional development courses to enhance and continually build upon her practice knowledge and provide the most up to date and relevant care she can for her clients. Some of this includes accreditation through acupuncture Canada (CAFCI), orthopaedic manual therapy level training, women’s health courses, respiratory function, Temporomandibular joint and pain theory integration seminars.

When Heather is not treating clients, she can be found rock climbing, hiking in the mountains, swimming, running after her kids at the playground or trying to steal a quiet moment at the beach.

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